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Sinopharm is a medical health industry group with the largest scale, the most complete industry chain and the strongest comprehensive strength in China, which is directly managed by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. The principal industry is the distribution, retail, R&D and production of products related to the prevention, treatment, diagnosis and care. The company subordinates 10 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries and 6 listed companies (Sinopharm, Sinopharm Shares, China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd., Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and China TCM. In 2005-2015, the annual average growing rate of the business income, gross profits and gross assets was respectively 26.89%, 35.28% and 31.16%. In 2015, the group's operating income reached nearly RMB 300 billion. The company became the only Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise ranked the world's top five hundred. 
       Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is attached to Sinopharm Medicine Holding Tianjin Co., Ltd. Sinopharm Medicine Holding Tianjin Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd. (China's largest distributor of medical instruments) and the strategic reserve unit of medical instruments under the central government; The company is the largest professional medical instrument logistics distributor with sales qualifications of medical instruments in Tianjin, the professional product seller and leading supply chain service provider. 
       Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established on May 28, 2010. It is a holding company in a new type of business under Sinopharm Medicine Holding Tianjin Co., Ltd., and an innovative and comprehensive company from tender agent, centralized purchase and unified distribution according to US GPO theory, which engages in the sales of medical instruments and equipment, medical supply chain management. 
        Since July 2010 when the company issues sales invoice outside, the company rapidly complete the comprehensive coverage of sales network in Tianjin City through the efforts of all employees. The sales network covers the class II and III hospitals in Tianjin. The company establishes the good cooperation relations with over 400 business units. The trend of development progresses by leaps and bounds is manifested in the business scope and sales performance. From 2010 to 2015, the annual average growing rate of operating income and total profits was respectively 138.75% and 179.05%. It is anticipated that the growing rate of operating income will reach above 150% in 2016. 
        At present, the business scale and management level of medical equipment and consumables in Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. takes the leading place in the same industry in Tianjin City and China. The company has industrial influence ability and dominant position in Tianjin medical instrument market in the aspects of national and international famous brands, such as medical instruments, equipment, reagents, consumables, supply chain management system software, etc. Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. established Peking University Binhai Hospital medical consumables management model in the service field. The model was copied in several years and extended the supply chain services of hospitals. 
        Developing up to now, Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. has established multiple functional departments (General Manager Office, Financial Department, Sales Division Department, Operation Risks Management Department, Supply Chain Project Management Department, Purchase Department, Quality Department, Customer Service Department, Logistics Department, Information Department, etc.). Under the leadership of the company's general manager, the company set up a professional management team with simplified organization structure, refined management structure, efficient command conveying, good styles and excellent business. 
        In order to provide the customers with high-quality products, the company establishes a perfect quality management process, takes use of the advanced information system to manage the whole-course quality (purchase, storage, distribution, terminal use), and provides the corresponding services; The company comprehensively reviews the qualifications of the cooperators according to the laws and regulations, and ensure both parties conform to the national requirements; Before the product delivery, the company will review the qualification documents of the products and ensure the operating products have passed national certification and conformed to the legal requirements; The company often takes use of the information system to monitor and manage the expiry date of commodities, batch, validity of product qualifications to ensure no quality risks in product circulation and use. 
       After seven years' development, the company's management has updated and perfected the company's operation through the constant perfection of organization structure, reasonable configuration and training of personnel, perfection of internal system, operational risks control, establishment of quality management systems, process restructuring, etc., which plays a solid foundation on the company's rapid and stable development. 
       Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. insists on the enterprise ideology of "Caring for life, tending to health" and Sinopharm provides platform support and standard operation management. Through the constant realization of profits, the company wins the industry recognition, imposes important influence on the whole industry and drives the innovation of the industry development model with the continuous and innovative operation model. The company is positively responding to the market reform by means of continuous innovation, self-perfection, unified power, new performance in great-leap-forward development, in order to set an example for the Chinese medical instrument enterprises taking the world's excellent enterprises as a benchmark.