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Centralized storage 
       Depending on 33,000m2 modern logistics warehouse in Sinopharm Logistics, the daily treatment of Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. may reach 3,5000 pieces through automated sorting and professional transportation. 
       The warehouse may conduct real-time monitoring on the storage and operation through electronic labeling system, LED control system, 3D warehouse monitoring computer, 3D warehouse scheduling system, WMS (Warehouse Management System), WCS (Warehouse Control System), monitoring system of conveying line and sorting machine, temperature and humidity monitoring system, access control system, monitoring record system, etc. 
Professional transportation 
       Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. takes use of abundant vehicle resources, builds the distribution network covering all levels of hospitals in Tianjin City, and provides the high-quality and professional distribution services. 
       The company currently owns 29 transport vehicles (including 8 refrigerated trucks equipped with GPS positioning and temperature recording functions). The external cooperation vehicles will be added as required to meet the distribution demand of hospitals, communities, drug stores and small terminals in Tianjin. 
       The company further reduces the logistics cost through the operation model of centralized storage and distribution, in order to create value for the upstream suppliers and terminal patients. 

Terminal distribution 
       Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. has established the perfect terminal distribution network to timely accept the order of hospitals and provide efficient distribution service for each department of the hospitals. 
       Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. has reached strategic cooperation with multiple medical institutions, in order to further optimize the terminal distribution model and process in the form of project team in hospital, effectively control the purchase cost, improve working efficiency and reduce medical risks. 

Cold-chain service 

       Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. may provide efficient and stable cold-chain distribution depending on the professional cold-chain storage and distribution resources. 

       In the current logistics warehouse, the area of refrigerated storage and freezer is respectively 3,000m³ and 150m³. The cold storage detection may achieve automatic control, display, store and export temperature record data. The cold storage power is designed as dual circuit. Four refrigerating units and standby power refrigeration units are equipped. The cold storage has the functions of SMS and sound-light alarm. 
       The company owns the professional refrigerated trucks, incubators and other equipment, in order to provide the professional cold-chain transportation services for the suppliers.