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WMS system 

       WMS system is the software of MANH, which has been widely applied in the logistics centers of over 300 subsidiaries subordinate to Sinopharm. The stability and effectiveness have been sufficiently approved by other districts and industries. Through the professional warehouse management system, the company may achieve order treatment and data analysis for the logistics business of medical instrument manufacturers, truly, completely and accurately record and effectively monitor the full course of quality management. On the basis of guaranteeing information safety and reliability, the company established the commodity information platform, and built information contact with the suppliers and terminal users through modern communication network technology, barcode technology, electronic data exchange technology. Information management and extension move forward the model of supply chain. 


HRP system 

       HRP (Hospital Resource Planning) indicates that the hospital introduces the successful management ideologies and technology of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), blends the modern management ideologies and process, integrates the existing information resources, and creates a set of systematic hospital resource management platform characterized by unified and high efficiency, interconnection and information share in support of the hospital's integrated operation and management. 


Supply chain system 

       The company will provide each participant of supply chain (suppliers, hospitals) with the information services (including contract management, order management, inventory management, purchase management) and create an efficient supply chain characterized by unified efficiency and information sharing. 


Intelligent supply chain cloud platform 

       Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. developed "the state-controlled intelligent medical supply chain cloud platform" and achieved comprehensive and organic integration from information system to solid business model on the basis of the model of Peking University Binhai Hospital (former Tianjin 5th Central Hospital).