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       Sinopharm Holding (Tianjin) Medical Devices Co., Ltd. provides the national and international high-quality medical device equipment for all levels of hospitals in Tianjin, involving medical equipment, common consumables, reagents, orthopedics products, surgical instruments, high-value consumables in cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and nervous system, supply chain management system software, etc. Most products are sold by provincial agents. Quite a number of products are national and foreign famous brands. 

       In order to provide the customers with high-quality products, we establish perfect quality management process, and take use of advanced information system to conduct total quality management in product purchase, storage, distribution and terminal use. 
       Before cooperating with the producers or operators, we always comprehensively review the qualifications of enterprises as per the laws and regulations, and ensure the cooperative enterprises conform to the national requirements. 
       Before the formal business of medical devices, we often review the qualification documents of commodities and ensure the product has passed the national certification and conformed to the legal requirements. 
       During the day-to-day operations, we often take use of the information system to monitor and manage the expiry date of commodities, batch, validity of product qualifications to ensure no quality risks in products' circulation and use.